>Fashion Show excitement!!!


My designs were recently featured in a show at La Salle University. Yup for those of you that didn't know I make clothes, now you dooo :). Show was really cool plus all proceeds were donated to The Red Cross for Japan. Here are pictures of the clothes. Tell me what you think 🙂


>Make up

>Many women love make up. I love make up too. My policy is less is more, although I have had my moments of outrageous eye make up lol. Now all I really need is my eyebrows defined, my foundation and some lip color and I’m good. This way, I still look like me :). Once in a while I add some color to my lids. Most of the time when I put color on my lid, all I put on my lips is a lip balm. So this is my make for beginners blog. I am definitely not a professional people, this is what I do okie dokie, you can try it out if you like :).

Make-up 101
What every beginner has to have (in my opinion)
1. eyebrow kit, or you can just go and have your eyebrows professionally waxed by a professional.
I use the one by Benefit and a Victoria’s secret concealer palette.

2. lip color: You can pick any of your choice, it could be lip gloss or lipstick. Lipgloss is probably best for a beginner. Make sure you try it in the store and absolutely love it before you buy it. I love neutral tones on me, I do have a bright red that I wear when I’m feeling bold lol. My favs are:

Lip balms that I love

3. A good foundation (liquid and powder): This is optional, you can decide to rock your own skin tone with your eye and lips done. I do it sometimes. If you however decide to use foundation, buy a good quality one, one that will not break you out. You might have to break the bank a bit. I do not mess with my skin so I find that Mac works for me, I have also tried the Maybelline Dream mousse, both the liquid and powder and I love them, black opal also has good foundation for women of color.

4. Eyeshadow primer: If you plan to use eyeshadow, this is a must. It makes your shadow stay put alllll day with no creases. Urban Decay and Benefit are the brands that I use.

5. Eyeshadow: choose a neutral palette to start with as a beginner, you can introduce other colors when you get more comfortable.

6. Last but not least, make up brushes: there a ton of brushes for the face, however as a beginner, the eyeshadow brush and powder brush is all you need. I would add a liquid foundation brush if you want to use that. I use my fingers to blend in my liquid foundation.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions just post them in the comment section. Stay fabuloso lol bah byeee.


>Hair is one of my favorite things to talk about. It is a very important accessory in fashion. I do a lot with my hair and its just because I easily get bored with it. I have had a perm, done a big chop, grown out my natural hair, texturized, tried to grow it out again, and texturized again. 🙂 I know. Now I have a curly fro which is the result of an s-curl on natural hair. I love curly hair, I always however get bored with my hair and do something different to it. Many of my natural friends were disappointed when I put the s-curl in my hair but my policy is, so long as I’m happy with it, and I am taking good care of it, who cares really..lol. Here are some pics of beautiful curly natural/ chemically curled hair. Enjoy!!

All images are from google

Here are some pictures of my hair, kind of like my hair journey in pics 🙂

Peace, Love and everything nice

>Style inspiration

>So since I have been introduced to the world of blogging I have come across some really stylish people. They make me take some risks in fashion (not too crazy lol) that I normally would not and I thought I’d share. Enjoy these fabulous fashionistas! 🙂

  Visit their blogs and try not to get addicted :


>I dream of dots…POLKA DOTS

>A new obsession of mine now a days are anything polka dotty.. hehe. I love them!! I realize however that i do not own anything with the  polkas, so I made a trip to Joanne fabrics and bought me some fabrics which I intend to make some items out of and rock!! 🙂 But in the mean time, here are some polka dot outfits I came across. Enjoy!!

all images from google except the last that is from here 
So Fashionable people, try incorporating some dots into your outfits. If you want you can send a picture of your outfit to ikedela@hotmail.com and I will post it here on my blogg. hmmm so I wonder if anyone knows how to say blog in spanish.. #random 🙂
Oh and these are some photos of the fabrics I bought hoy…:)

 And last but not least my outfit of the dayyyy 🙂

Have a lovely day gentes!

>Color blocked

>Don’t know if you guys have heard about this trending trend for spring. It’s called color blocking baby!! At first I thought it was a bit extreme, but I’m afraid its growing on me lol. It basically involves wearing many different colors in the same outfit. Here are some examples, really cute, you guys should try it and you can even post pics so I can see :).

 All images from google

This is my mild rendition I took to church this sunday 🙂 (baby steps), What do you think?

>Inspiration Station

>So I figured that once in a while I would tell you guys of someone or something that inspires me as related to fashion. So here we go… I came across StylePantry when joined the fabulous world of Chictopia. Her style is so unique, the boho chicness that inspires moi. Here are a few pics of her :), visit her blog people, there’s so much more on there.

 These are the crazy pants I made based on being inspired. I love these pants!! Wore them to a fashion show last night were some of my designs were showcased (so exciting )

 Top from H&M, accesories: f21, bag: kate spade, shoes: jessica simpson Dany’s