>I dream of dots…POLKA DOTS

>A new obsession of mine now a days are anything polka dotty.. hehe. I love them!! I realize however that i do not own anything with the  polkas, so I made a trip to Joanne fabrics and bought me some fabrics which I intend to make some items out of and rock!! 🙂 But in the mean time, here are some polka dot outfits I came across. Enjoy!!

all images from google except the last that is from here 
So Fashionable people, try incorporating some dots into your outfits. If you want you can send a picture of your outfit to ikedela@hotmail.com and I will post it here on my blogg. hmmm so I wonder if anyone knows how to say blog in spanish.. #random 🙂
Oh and these are some photos of the fabrics I bought hoy…:)

 And last but not least my outfit of the dayyyy 🙂

Have a lovely day gentes!

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