>Hair is one of my favorite things to talk about. It is a very important accessory in fashion. I do a lot with my hair and its just because I easily get bored with it. I have had a perm, done a big chop, grown out my natural hair, texturized, tried to grow it out again, and texturized again. 🙂 I know. Now I have a curly fro which is the result of an s-curl on natural hair. I love curly hair, I always however get bored with my hair and do something different to it. Many of my natural friends were disappointed when I put the s-curl in my hair but my policy is, so long as I’m happy with it, and I am taking good care of it, who cares really..lol. Here are some pics of beautiful curly natural/ chemically curled hair. Enjoy!!

All images are from google

Here are some pictures of my hair, kind of like my hair journey in pics 🙂

Peace, Love and everything nice

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