>Make up

>Many women love make up. I love make up too. My policy is less is more, although I have had my moments of outrageous eye make up lol. Now all I really need is my eyebrows defined, my foundation and some lip color and I’m good. This way, I still look like me :). Once in a while I add some color to my lids. Most of the time when I put color on my lid, all I put on my lips is a lip balm. So this is my make for beginners blog. I am definitely not a professional people, this is what I do okie dokie, you can try it out if you like :).

Make-up 101
What every beginner has to have (in my opinion)
1. eyebrow kit, or you can just go and have your eyebrows professionally waxed by a professional.
I use the one by Benefit and a Victoria’s secret concealer palette.

2. lip color: You can pick any of your choice, it could be lip gloss or lipstick. Lipgloss is probably best for a beginner. Make sure you try it in the store and absolutely love it before you buy it. I love neutral tones on me, I do have a bright red that I wear when I’m feeling bold lol. My favs are:

Lip balms that I love

3. A good foundation (liquid and powder): This is optional, you can decide to rock your own skin tone with your eye and lips done. I do it sometimes. If you however decide to use foundation, buy a good quality one, one that will not break you out. You might have to break the bank a bit. I do not mess with my skin so I find that Mac works for me, I have also tried the Maybelline Dream mousse, both the liquid and powder and I love them, black opal also has good foundation for women of color.

4. Eyeshadow primer: If you plan to use eyeshadow, this is a must. It makes your shadow stay put alllll day with no creases. Urban Decay and Benefit are the brands that I use.

5. Eyeshadow: choose a neutral palette to start with as a beginner, you can introduce other colors when you get more comfortable.

6. Last but not least, make up brushes: there a ton of brushes for the face, however as a beginner, the eyeshadow brush and powder brush is all you need. I would add a liquid foundation brush if you want to use that. I use my fingers to blend in my liquid foundation.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions just post them in the comment section. Stay fabuloso lol bah byeee.


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