Shoes, shoes and more shoes

Shoes are amazing! I feel like they are the perfect way to express yourself and also really complete and outfit. Honestly I believe the wrong pair of shoes can ruin your whole look.

Shoes can be expensive. And if you’re a fashionista on a budget, shopping smartly and getting the best deals is something that you should take advantage of.

I was introduced to this website called shoedazzle . They are a group of stylist that provide you with a collection of shoes for you to choose from every month for $39.99. Pretty near right? They have some very beautiful shoes. I have made a couple of purchases that I am very happy with. Check them out!









What to blog, what to blog

So I have been thinking of a different approach to my blog lately. I didn’t just want to resolve to posting just any outfit because I feel like there are so many fabulous fashion bloggers out there. I came up with an idea… :), since I make clothes I would post outfits that I design and make, that would be a bit different cos I’ve never really come across a blog dedicated solely to this..( maybe haven’t discovered it yet). What do you guys think? I’m excited for this!! How about youuuu lol, I’m being goofy. Anyway stay tuned for my first post coming soon. In the meantime check out some of these blogs that I ‘heart’. See you later fabulous people.







Natural belle

9to5 chic


Christianity and fashion

So I recently got asked a question by a close friend. How do you manage to be a good Christian and a fashionista? It is not a subject or question I had thought about before, I mean I might have thought about whether this dress too short or too tight, which I do because of my perception of what is appropriate for me and the type of image I try portray. and this image has a lot to do with my relationship with God. So I guess in effect I do unconsciously think about the question in a way?

Anyway to answer the question, I love fashion and I looove Jesus. I have come to realize after my friend asked that question that my love for Christ definitely affects my fashion sense. Not to say of course that how you dress can determine your level of spirituality but for me I am careful not to let blogging/ designing take presidence over things to do with church and my Lord and Savior (become my idol).

That is why I was so excited to come across a blog that combined a message of both the word of God and fashion. The blog is FashionduJour
Some of my fav pics are posted below make sure you check her out! Have a lovely day :).
(Ignore the phone images I’m posting from my phone cos my computer is donezo 😦 )





Pastel nails


I love this color on my nails. Originally I didn’t think it will look god on me but I absolutely love them! So springy and summery. What do you guys think :).
Polish is I.C.E nail lacquer in Pastel Teal.

Let’s go Tribal

Let's go TRIBAL
I love tribal, African prints. It’s where I’m from and it’s who I am. They are so unique, you can dress them up or down. This is how I would dress a fun print skirt up for church, dinner or a party. Hope you love. Love Iky