>The Basics: Shoes


1. The black pump: There are many variations of black pumps today so choose one that you absolutely love. I do not pick my shoes according to the current trend because I really do not intend to discard of them in the next season when a new trend comes.. no thats for the rich and famous (lol). Here are some black pumps that I like:

2. The Neutral Pump: This flesh colored shoe can be worn with florals and african print fabrics for my ankara wearing sisters. Other colors used to describe these shoes are camel, nude and tan. Here are some fab looking ones:
All images from google, last image from shoedazzle.com
3. The Strappy Heel: For those night when you want to show a bit of toe, :).

4. The running sneaks: If you are someone who is active and walks around a lot having a pair of sneakers in your closet is a very good idea. You can wear them when going to the mall, grocery shopping or just running errands, that is of course when you don’t feel like running around in heels. 🙂

5. The Flat: Flats can come in very handy. On those days when you do not feel like wearing heels, you can just pop one on and then you are on your way. I would get a basic black one that you can wear with almost anything. If you want a variety of colors, why not? go for it

6. Summer sandals: This could be slippers/ sandals, whichever you prefer.

all images from google

Hope this was helpful to someone. Have an awesome day!!!!


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