Casual Days

I love everything that has to do with fashion, and I love dressing up. However taking pictures is really not something I am a hundred percent comfortable with. I get shy and start making goofy faces lol. Anyway I hope to get better in the future because blogging is something I’ve grown to love.

I saw a series once while blog surfing on how you can wear items you already have in your closet in so many different ways, you do not always have to go out and buy stuff. I really liked that idea. I think I will make a post more in-depth about that later :), I will also try and find that link to credit the person with the original thought.

Anyway this is my casual post. I had to go back to work after being off for three months! I was sad to leave my baby at home but life has to go on I guess :). Hve  fabulous day lovelies.

H&M shirt, JC boots, Asos/F21 accessories, Cole Haan purse


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