It’s tradition dude!

I had an engagement to attend this weekend, it was someone very close to me and I was so excited for the person.I love seeing people and love and everyone that knows me knows that I am always trying to set people up on dates and stuff. It can be a bit embarrassing but oh well, it’s just my way hahaha. Anyway, I am from and African country called Ghana and our engagement does not comprise of two people deciding on their own in a restaurant to get married. Oh no. It involves a whole bunch of family members from both sides, paying a dowry for the bride, yea, the whole deal. Pretty interesting :). This is what I wore.

H&M shirt/accessories, JS platforms, Kente Maxi skirt,


2 thoughts on “It’s tradition dude!

  1. Yay its nice to see fashion bloggers rocking the African print. You should write you email somewhere in case people wants to contact you . Lovely site

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