Christianity and fashion

So I recently got asked a question by a close friend. How do you manage to be a good Christian and a fashionista? It is not a subject or question I had thought about before, I mean I might have thought about whether this dress too short or too tight, which I do because of my perception of what is appropriate for me and the type of image I try portray. and this image has a lot to do with my relationship with God. So I guess in effect I do unconsciously think about the question in a way?

Anyway to answer the question, I love fashion and I looove Jesus. I have come to realize after my friend asked that question that my love for Christ definitely affects my fashion sense. Not to say of course that how you dress can determine your level of spirituality but for me I am careful not to let blogging/ designing take presidence over things to do with church and my Lord and Savior (become my idol).

That is why I was so excited to come across a blog that combined a message of both the word of God and fashion. The blog is FashionduJour
Some of my fav pics are posted below make sure you check her out! Have a lovely day :).
(Ignore the phone images I’m posting from my phone cos my computer is donezo 😦 )






7 thoughts on “Christianity and fashion

  1. I love her blog as well. This post is really encouraging as I intertwine my faith in my posts too. I love fashion & I try to make it known that I have what I do (the material things) because I’m blessed & I’m not just posing for pictures & showcasing self but I’m celebrating the real me…the person GOD designed me to be. Once I found joy in HIM I learned to love myself & my journey. God bless 😉

    • I love your perspective on blogging! I visited your blog and love it too, actually follow on bloglovin. It is so important to make known where you stand when it comes to blogging because you don’t want messages mixed up especially for new Christians that might follow your blog. I love finding believing fashion bloggers

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