Shoes, shoes and more shoes

Shoes are amazing! I feel like they are the perfect way to express yourself and also really complete and outfit. Honestly I believe the wrong pair of shoes can ruin your whole look.

Shoes can be expensive. And if you’re a fashionista on a budget, shopping smartly and getting the best deals is something that you should take advantage of.

I was introduced to this website called shoedazzle . They are a group of stylist that provide you with a collection of shoes for you to choose from every month for $39.99. Pretty near right? They have some very beautiful shoes. I have made a couple of purchases that I am very happy with. Check them out!









4 thoughts on “Shoes, shoes and more shoes

  1. I’m a member but have yet to be wowed by anything & I’ve had my showroom made over twice (major sadface). I really like the 2nd purchase. The floral print is so in.

    • I also was not ‘wowed’ at first but I saw this floral pair and loved them. Also got the wedges cos o didn’t have anything like that in my closet

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