Pink and prints

So this weekend was so amazing. My little brother got married! Lol no i am not that old hes a year younger than I am. It was a beautiful wedding. The venue was outside, overlooking the lake so pretty, there was some showers but i saw it as a blessing from God. ๐Ÿ™‚
Although I was soaking wet after the ceremony, i could not have had anymore fun than I did….
Anyway, i went back n forth on what I was going to make for the day, I wanted something different, other than a one arm dress, or a long dress ( which i never wear to weddings anyway). I had settled on making this dress that i fell in love with the minute i saw it…


But after i bought the lace, I realized that, I had just made a similar dress for another wedding two weeks earlier, so I settled for a skirt with the lace, and used an African print for the top. I decided to use muted shoes since the outfit was pretty bright :). I also added a belt for kicks. You like?




The last picture is of the accesories i wore.


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