Home decor inspiration

I’ve found myself being drawn to French antique furniture lately. I mean don’t get me wrong there was a time when I was all ultra modern with my home decor but as I have began to come into my own ( you know grow up and all that lol), I realize how much I would rather have character. Like wood floors, crown molding, baroque style etc. and because a teeny weeny part of me still likes a modern touch, I have been trying to think of ways to modify these classic pieces to reflect that. I have seen pictures where some of these have been spray painted a glossy white or blue color to give that modern effect without losing the character and I absolutely love it. But have a look at these originals.





And these are what I believe are the more modern ones I would be brave enough to use in my home






All images from google

Well in my quest to infiltrate my home with this lovely inspiration, seeing that I could not afford the restored furniture ( yea those things are expensive), I hit good old Craigslist. I got the idea of furniture hunting on here from the ..in the fun lane… Blogger called Holly. And this is what I scored for amazingly low prices.



I know for sure I’m gonna paint the queen Ann table, but I really don’t know what I’m going todo with the chairs yet ( I got two of the chairs). I don’t want to slip cover them cos I love the tufting detail, so I’m still trying to see if I can steam clean them. Any ideas


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