Stairs DIY inspiration

So how do I get my stairs from this

To this

Without breaking the bank? Well I just found a way, and may I add it’s a brilliant brilliant way at that. One day while I was surfing the blogosphere, I can across this blog. Where they spoke about using some Ikea rugs for a runner, why didn’t I think of that, here’s their final product but click on the link to see how the project went. And yea I’m going to try my hands on it :).



From this to that

Happy Easter season to all, I hope we were all able to reflect on the real reason for Easter and just not stuff ourselves with Easter eggs :). Although I was really tired from working, I went to church and had a very good time. While at work the night before I was thinking of what to wear to church and came up with an idea. I had this Asos romper I bought after I had my baby a year ago, but it was soo big on me now I haven’t worn it but once, so I decided to change it into a dress. The high low seams are big this season so I decided to incorporate that into the style (you can’t really see this in the picture). This year my resolution is to recycle rather than buy ( yes that’s my attempt at becoming more green and less wasteful). So here goes…



Asos romper, F21 sweater, JS platforms

Sorry for the crappy pictures but you get the basics of the point right? Lol anyway I want to leave you with this…
Colossians 3:2

Have a blessed day