The Wallpaper Fakeout

Hello beautiful people, I hope everyone’s day is going great! Today I tried my hands on something new and I loved it! I’ve been loving the look of wall paper, but didn’t really want to fork out the cash for it, so I was inspired by The little green notebook’s post on using floral or masking take here to kinda create my own wallpaper effect without breaking the bank. Here’s what I used:


and some good ol tactics to keep the little one busy :). Here’s what I did:



And the reveal…


I tried to do some measurements for perfect spacing but that was proving to be challenging so I just gauged the measurements with my eyes. It’s not perfect but I love it. Anyone can pull this off, it sooo easy. What do you think?
I forgot to add a before shot of my entry so here:

And after:


Have an awesome day!!!


Lovin’ This

Hello friends, it’s been a while since a did a fashion post, so here goes. I’m usually not a sneakers girl but this shot sure made me want to get out and buy a pair.


But those shoes are Isabel Marants and cost a lot of money, visit here to see where she got this bargain version.

Have a blessed day!

Inspiration Station (tufted headboards)

Good morning, hope everyone’s morning is going awesome, mine is. I’m off work and still in bed with the baby writing this blog. :). So I have been scouting online for an affordable upholstered headboard,but they are all so pricey. I’m really not willing to spend 500 dollars and over for a headboard I mean come on lol, let’s be realistic. So I began scouting good ol CL and I found one (YAYYY!!!) for 50 bucks.

Isn’t she a beauty? Of course it’s going to have to be upholstered in a more man friendly fabric. If you know of a good upholstery fabric sale, please let me know because those can get expensive too. I was thinking of also doing some tufting and nail head trim. Kinda like this



Wish me luck guys! Have an awesome day

Inspiration station

I’ve been serious lately about getting my place set up, so I don’t have to think about it too much. I’ve been browsing through a blog called little green notebook and I’ve been hit a with a ton of inspiration, I love it. Anyway I saw her convert the Ikea maskros lamp into something amazing. This is how the lamp looks originally

This was her final product..

Is it not soo pretty? Visit her here to see how the transformation took place.

Have an awesome day! Iky

Inspiration station (arched bookcases)

Hi friends, hope your day is going great as mine is :). So I’m still working on enhancing my space. I was browsing through a couple of my favorite interior design blogs and came across this that I think will fit perfectly in my sitting room.


In the first picture the lady used four Ikea Billy bookcases and added the arches herself. The second found her bookcases on CL, added the arches and painted. I absolutely love them. I already have two of the bookcases so two more to go, yay!
This is the blank wall that will house the ‘built-in’ bookcase, whenever I get around to it :).


Have a blessed day, Iky.