From this to that

I finally got around to changing the upholstery on the CL headboard I got, I had originally planned to do some button tufting but I’ll reserve that for later ( too labor intensive for me at this time). Here’s the before

And the after 🙂


I love the new look, there was really nothing to it, just removed the old fabric and stapled the one over it. I also wrapped some cording in the same
Fabric and glued it into the groove. Fabric was from amazon for like forty dollars.


Shag Rug DIY

Good morning my good people, I come with another DIY for you guys this morning. So yesterday I did this to my living room walls.



Yes another wallpaper fake out lol. Anyway I decided new wall deserves rearrangement of furniture, so


Just wasn’t working. Something about the white rug, it was too plain. I had too many inspiration photos in my head of this Moroccan shag rug
So I decided to create my own with my handy dandy sharpie paint pen and God given good eye for gauging free hand lol, this is the final result! In addition to taking of my slipcover and removing one of my begére chairs to the foyer…




I love all the texture, not perfect but I love it!!! I still need a ton of accessories, but it's a work in progress.
I got this idea from this blog vis this blog
Have a blessed day!