Lovin’ This

Hello friends, it’s been a while since a did a fashion post, so here goes. I’m usually not a sneakers girl but this shot sure made me want to get out and buy a pair.


But those shoes are Isabel Marants and cost a lot of money, visit here to see where she got this bargain version.

Have a blessed day!


Inspiration station (arched bookcases)

Hi friends, hope your day is going great as mine is :). So I’m still working on enhancing my space. I was browsing through a couple of my favorite interior design blogs and came across this that I think will fit perfectly in my sitting room.


In the first picture the lady used four Ikea Billy bookcases and added the arches herself. The second found her bookcases on CL, added the arches and painted. I absolutely love them. I already have two of the bookcases so two more to go, yay!
This is the blank wall that will house the ‘built-in’ bookcase, whenever I get around to it :).


Have a blessed day, Iky.

Stairs DIY inspiration

So how do I get my stairs from this

To this

Without breaking the bank? Well I just found a way, and may I add it’s a brilliant brilliant way at that. One day while I was surfing the blogosphere, I can across this blog. Where they spoke about using some Ikea rugs for a runner, why didn’t I think of that, here’s their final product but click on the link to see how the project went. And yea I’m going to try my hands on it :).


Fawning over

From ombré hair to ombré nails. This trend is really neat and so easy to do. All you need is five polishes in the same color family and paint from lightest to darkest or vice versa. You could also just use white polish and any other color polish then use the white to lighten the color polish from dark to light. Take a look at these pretty nails.






All images from google

Inspiration station ( home office)

Here are some inspiration photos I can across for home offices. I love them all and I’m trying to figure out what style will work best for me. I know I totally want one of those antique French chairs though, they’re so cool.

I also have to find a way to make my white out home office, although I’m thinking of a pop of color on the rug maybe? What do you guys think?






All photos from Houzz or google