New things: The oversized clutch

Oversize clutches are everywhere nowadays and I’m loving majorly. Although I cannot hold one because my baby’s stuff will not fit in it, I am waiting patiently to use mine in the near future. Check these out from LaDolceVita









Wardrobe rehab

So as ladies most of you would agree with me that we sometimes take forever to get dressed. Our closets are filled with clothing that we haven’t worn in ages. Personally, every time I claim I’m going through my closet to clean it out, I end up putting everything back in lol. I mean seriously I’m running out of space here. This is why this post I found made me so excited. The blog is A pair and a spare, and she breaks the wardrobe rehab down into six steps for us, click on the link for the first step and find the rest of the steps on her amazing blog. I’m going to clean out my closet guys! Have fun cleaning yours. 🙂 stay blessed.